To Shop Or Not To, That Is The Question

You feel like you have longed to shop for that particular item for a very long time, but there is always the good and bad angel sitting on each shoulder and trying to whisper in your ear on what you should do. Maybe it is an item that falls under the category of treating yourself and maybe, just maybe, you are one of those people who always come down unnecessarily hard on yourself.

The right time for you to buy that long-awaited item never seems to appear, and you can hear your husband's voice of disapproval just as you once again are doing a bit of pining window shopping.

Do The Research

Here is where consumer reports could help you. Play the game of your significant other, who naturally is that annoyingly logical one, who always comes up with a sound, well-thought out reason why not to buy anything, or go anywhere for that matter.

But beat them at their own game. Do the research of previous clients opinions and make a pro's and con's list for your item. Make a presentation of it for your significant other. Dazzle him or her with how seriously you have looked into this matter. Present to him or her a snippet of the information you have retracted from the net. Make it a power-point presentation, full on with graphs and charts and that significant other of yours, used to dealing with numbers and calculations all day long, will likely be so thrown off guard just buy the presentation in itself that you can slip some negative issues under their noses.

The Importance Of Treating Yourself

Yes, it is a necessity. Something that does good for your soul does good for your body, that is scientifically proven. If you are happy there are a lot more of healthy chemicals released in your bloodstream and revitalizing your organs, than if you are sad. So it is true that you could actually die from a broken heart, or at least get seriously physically ill, since your immune system gets a lot weaker when your soul is hurting.

Depression leads to physical diseases. It becomes a vicious cycle with one thing leading to another and soon enough you cannot see a way out of the hamster wheel. But happiness is the best cure. Feeling good is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and if you constantly put yourself down claiming that you are not worth this, you are not worth that. Chances are that attitude goes a lot deeper than to just keep you from buying something, it is the way you see yourself as a whole, and if you constantly are going around and putting yourself down, then it is a pretty safe bet that you are not all that happy as well.

Snap Out Of It

You need to shake yourself out of that rut, and the best way is to do something out of the ordinary. So this time when you go out to shop, do not just pick up the groceries, buy yourself that special item you have had your eye on for so long.

Article Source: Emily_J_Jayden

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