3 Places to Wear Your Full Body Spandex Costume

Though almost everyone would agree that a spandex costume is certainly not everyday fashion, there are plenty of opportunities in which a full body spandex costume could certainly come in handy. Whether celebrating Halloween, going to a house party dressed in costume or showing some team spirit at a sporting event on game day, a spandex jump suit is very versatile and can really help you stand out in the crowd.


A good Halloween costume is one that is original and full of life. Thankfully, the versatility provided by a full body spandex costume is the perfect accompaniment. It can be turned into nearly anything imaginable, from a beautiful animal to a terrifying monster. A spandex jump suit can be purchased in nearly any color imaginable and comes in plenty of sizes to accommodate everyone. For example, many people use their costume as an underlying layer when dressing as a piece of fruit or a vegetable. It is also a great element for women who want to add a bit of something sexy to their costumes. These can be worn again and again and implemented into just about any costume year after year.

House Parties

Everyone enjoys a good costume party-not just children and teens. A full body spandex costume can be a great investment for these, as well. Toga parties are still very popular, but not everyone enjoys walking around with bare skin. A flesh-colored spandex costume can certainly make all the difference. Masquerade balls are also still quite the event, so make the most of these with a costume complete with feathers and sequins. If the party is themed and guests are required to dress like their favorite characters from movies, imagine the possibilities! Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, a pirate and his mate and even The Blue Man Group are all wonderful spandex costume ideas that are completely possible. Imagine painting a full body spandex costume in tiger strips and wowing everyone present.

Sporting Event

Sports fanatics everywhere can certainly rev up team spirit with a full body spandex costume. Gentlemen can wear these in team colors and cover them with their favorite players' jerseys for a bit of humility and fun. Women can wear them in order to become racy mascots for their home teams-or perhaps even for their husbands and boyfriends. Spandex costumes are very popular on game day because they are easily painted or dyed in any color imaginable and can be worn again and again as the season progresses. In fact, they are more comfortable and breathable than many people think. Regardless of a fan's favorite sport, these garments are a great basis for any game day dress-up project and will certainly be a hit in the stadium or at home.

A full-body spandex costume is a great wardrobe essential that can be just as practical as it is fun. They are very affordable and versatile and can help anyone make a bold statement on game day, during Halloween or at the next costume party. Simply choose a size and a color and let the imagination do the rest!

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